Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finally, the lake.

Momma, I wanna go swimming
Okay baby, let's change into your trunks.
No momma.  Those are too far away.
Okay, well go swim in your shorts then.
No momma.  They will get wet.
Um, okay.
Meanwhile he's stripping out of his shoes, clothing, and lastly his undies.
Hayes, you can swim in your underwear.  It is okay to swim in.
No momma.  They will get wet.

Ok Hayes.
Have it your way.
No shoes, no shirt, no shorts... nothing.
Nudity at its finest.
Mawmaw says he's so white he glows.

This chic didn't mind the water or stripping down to her actual diaper to get in.
After a few minutes of swimming she was sporting a GIANT diaper.

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