Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Swing

This is what summer in the Cochran house looks like.
Stunning shades and secuirty blankets galore.
Also, side ponytails for the baby mullet.

We finally made time to go swim in the neighborhood pool last week.
I've been getting the inside scoop from our students who live nearby.
Not crowded in the A.M., and the opening hours are optional.
So we can show up shortly after breakfast and have our own swim time.
My children are up and done with breakfast by 8 a.m. every day, think it will be cold enough?
Elizabeth knows no fear.
She throws herself down the stairs with blind faith that we will catch her.
Clearly she jumps into the pool with the same blind faith...

Hayes is always a little more cautious than his baby sister.
Hesitant and a bit more reserved.
Dare I say that he's my child? 

This is sleeping beauty.
She sports this look at LEAST 4 days a week.
Lights on, noise machine off, and all 3 of us sweetly saying 'good morning baby'....
She doesn't budge until we physically make her move and get her up.
Dare I say... she is also my child?

I think the things they gather from each parent expand far beyond eye and hair color.
I can't wait to tell you how they are both like their father!

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