Friday, January 31, 2014

Artic Atlanta

Well, we wrapped up 3 full days of snow and ice today.  The temps have finally gotten above freezing long enough to make a difference and we have seen the snow melting.  Praise Jesus for melting snow, and no, I'm not kidding or exaggerating or whatever you will.  I'm glad the snow was here.  I am thrilled my little ones got to play in it, but I'm just as elated to see it GONE.  It is pretty for about 12 hours, after that... I want it gone.  And it is not pretty after someone drives in it.  Then it turns into icy slushy mess that is brown.  Yuck.

Snow days for me have been about organizing clothes in the kids' rooms, planning menus for the month of February, and gathering coupons for grocery shopping.  I was supposed to go to a work conference this weekend, but that obviously didn't happen since I just retrieved my vehicle today.  Thankfully it was still parked at the McDonalds where I left it and it hadn't been damaged or towed.  The roads were actually manageable and I did some grocery shopping before I returned home to the manic children.  I also went to Hobby Lobby and got some ribbon for my stash!

Hayes and Elizabeth are troopers and have been great considering we are all tired of being stuck at home, inside the house.  We did go outside Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, but yesterday we stayed inside all day.  It takes so long to put on all the gear and then they only stay outside for maybe 20-30 minutes.  They don't even like the snow.  They have tossed all the cushions in the floor every day, had a trampoline via couch to floor, and ran multiple laps around the middle of the house.  They have watched numerous Disney movies and sang along to most of them.  We also clap when appropriate during movies.  Every dress up outfit has seen action during Artic Atlanta week.

We made Snow Cream yesterday.  The can of sweetened condensed milk I had said it expired in 2012.  Oops.  Nobody is dead yet and we all ate it, so it must be okay?  Snow Cream was delicious and I'd never made it or had it before, that I can remember... It went along well with the brownies Caroline delivered!

I'm busily preparing dinners for next week while the children are napping.

Sunday is Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Tuesday is Vegetable Soup.  

I don't have a link or a source.  I just add a bunch of veggies to the crock pot and some ground meat and add some seasoning.  I also make cornbread, which is my most favorite food ever.  

I've been craving cheese dip like no other with this pregnancy, so I'm hoping this queso bake will be a delicious substitute!  

Thursday we have gymnastics and we go out to dinner after that.  Friday & Saturday Daryk will be coaching at Sectionals, so the kids and I will either have pizza, cereal, leftovers, or sandwiches.  I try to plan my meals around our lives and busy schedules.  I also plan a whole month at a time and adjust depending on grocery store sales, activities, etc.  I go shopping once a week for our meals and try my best to stick within a $100 a week budget for everything.  Maybe I'll post about how I budget that, coupon for savings, and plan meals one day.  I truly enjoy being organized.  Makes my life easier.  

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