Monday, March 25, 2013

Cheer Conference 2013

Last week I got to go with our coaching staff to a conference at the Ritz Carlton.
Um, yes.
It was that gorgeous.
The view from our cottage was amazing.
The lodge itself was amazing.
It made for a lovely run on Saturday afternoon.
The scenery was gorgeous.
The food was even better. 
Dinner on Friday night was steak with yummy vegetables and delicious sauce.
I die.
And dessert was this crazy chocolate lava cake thing...
It didn't get a picture because I inhaled it.
This was my breakfast leftovers.
Fresh orange juice and my fruit cup.
I finished it off though.
I'm not a quitter.
No sir.
I also had about 14 muffins, grits, eggs, and some more asparagus.
Makes your pee smell funny, but I love it.

While I was at the fanciest hotel I've ever been to in my life...
these guys went to play at the mall with their dad.
Ignore her mullet hair do.
Dad hair.

Minus one coach, but I love my girls!
Good looking bunch of ladies!

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  1. Oh My Goodness! It's so beautiful. When Scott worked for Ritz Carlton, we were going to spend our anniversary weekend at Reynolds Plantation because he got a ridiculous discount but he stopped working there before our anniversary came:( I'm so jealous!

    and Libby's hair is gorgeous:)