Friday, March 1, 2013

Disney Day 1

We arrived at the All Star Movie Resort and found ourselves in the Fantasia building.
Our room faced the center courtyard with pool, wading pool, and giant Fantasia characters.
We wanted to be in the Toy Story buildings, but found that our room was better than planned!
We were close to the pool, bus, resort cafe, and playground.
What more could we ask for?!

Y'all I took over 600 pictures at Disney World.
Prepare for a lot of pictures of my family.
And stuff.
Though I wasn't as bad as the sweet little Asian tourist who take pictures of the flowers....
I was pretty bad.
600 pics on the camera.
That doesn't even count the number I took with my phone.

Only picture of towel animals all week.
Hayes LOVED them and made sure they were in the window all week long.

She is ever so curious and crazy about everything we saw.

Hayes just kept asking to 'go to the paaaaark.'
After we unloaded some stuff we headed to Magic Kingdom for some fun and food!

We waited a LOT at this bus stop for a bus to our parks.
My kids were troopers with all the waiting you do at Disney.
I was a bit concerned about how they would behave and how we would be able to deal with that.
We just made sure we had plenty to eat, drink, and play with while waiting.
Thankfully we made full use of our fast passes and didn't have to wait too long for anything!

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