Saturday, March 2, 2013

Disney Evening 1

We got to the park and planned dinner.
We rode Buzz's Space Ranger ride and loved it!
We also tried to kill some time with the People Mover before the parade.
Elizabeth LOVED that one!
After dinner we headed over to Tomorrowland to see the new stuff and found Belle.
 We met the lovely Belle in her Enchanted Tales.
We all traveled back to the day when Belle and Beast fell in love.
All the children in the room got to be a 'part' of the story as it was being told.
Hayes was a dancing dinner plate.
Huge part.
He might be nominated for an Oscar.
Stay tuned.

Glowing candle for a storyteller....
Totally normal.

Dinner plate.
I wasn't allowed to use the flash so I had to do the best with the lighting in that room.
Apparently we are blue and orange-ish.
Deal with it people.
I do believe Daryk and Elizabeth were both mesmerized by the princess. 

I told y'all.
Oscar worthy performance.
He was stunning.
He takes after me.
He was actually terrified, but did SUCH a great job! 

 Princess Belle was so kind.  
She took time to take photos with all of the children in the room.
And the adults who asked as well!
Hayes wasn't too sure about it.
See the cheesy cheese grin above.

Baby girl on the other hand, wasn't scared at all.
She walked right up to Belle and plopped down on all that fluff.
She loved her and kept touching her face.
Elizabeth was also fascinated by the gloves she was wearing!
It was a great opening event to our Disney adventures!
After meeting Belle, we all happily watched endured the pre-parade festivities.
The marching band from AHS was down there and I got to see all of our kiddies march by and play!
Hayes liked it.
Elizabeth clearly felt differently.
After the parade we tried to leave the park.
It took us about 45 minutes to walk from this castle to the exit.
It was PACKED!
I truly thought Daryk was going to lose it a few times.
The louder Elizabeth screamed the faster he walked into and over people.

 Life goal:  tour this castle.
Is that even possible?
My prince charming and my sweeties winding down after night one.
Day 2:  Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney

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