Thursday, March 14, 2013

I love free stuff.

A few weeks back I got an email from Fandango asking if I'd like to go to a **free** movie.

Uh, yeah.  Duh.
We love free.

So I filled out the info and a few hours later got confirmation of our tickets!
Two FREE tickets to see Olympus Has Fallen
Did I already mention I love free?
Plus it had some amazing humans in it.
Gerard Butler (he's in my top 5) and Morgan Freeman (who I love dearly).
And Ashley Judd, who's politics are crazy, but I still love her.

Last night we waited for the babysitter to arrive (thanks Hope) and then headed out.
We drove across town, yes I'm from the sticks, and had dinner with my baby sister.
We ate at this cute little corner cafe La Madeleine.
I was a teensy bit worried that husband wouldn't find anything to eat there.
Thankfully he chose the ham and cheese sandwich...
I had a chicken salad sandwich on croissant, which is my most favorite bread ever.
And I really love bread.
Like, a lot.
A lot a lot.
More than any other food.
Daryk got ham and cheese and it was amazing!
Leigh Anne had a salad.
I'm sure it was good, but I was too busy shoving my face with my sandwich to notice salad.
After dinner we did a little casual shopping at the local Goodwill.
We all had pre buyer's remorse and didn't even buy any of the things we had in our hands to purchase!
Oh well.
We headed across the street to the theatre for the screening after our shopping trip.

The movie screening mafia was out front taking tickets.
We had to power down our cell phones and get passes to go use the potty.
No joke.
I felt like my students.
No phone and a potty pass.
High school all over again, except I didn't have a phone, instead a pager.
Y'all remember those!? 
Mine was green and it was awesome.
It survived not one, but TWO wash cycles in its lifetime.
My iPhone barely car survive a little splash of water.

I'm easily distracted.
So the movie passes said to be early, and we were.
But we were late-early and had to sit in the front row of the theatre.
I'm pretty sure my forehead wrinkles grew exponentially while we watched that movie last night.
The movie itself was amazing!
Action packed, and lots of American pride present in the film.
Action from start to finish and a few predictable things, but it was very well played.
I don't want to give away too many details, so y'all go see it.
Or rent it on Netflix in a few months.
Or Redbox it later on.
It was well worth the free trip we took and I'd pay money to see it again!
The actors were great in their roles.
It was really neat to be able to see a movie a week before the release as well!
I felt kinda important, but not really.

I was just pleased to finally have all that Fandango spam mail pay off!
I'll never complain about the excessive emails again.
Wonder if I can continue to get free tickets....

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