Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Disney Day 2.

 We started our day very early and headed to Magic Kingdom.
This very curious girl explored every aspect of the line waiting to see Pooh.
You will see her wet bottom in just a few....
I love them.

Cooperative pictures with toddlers=impossible task.

 My little miss patiently waiting to see Pooh and Tigger too!
 See, wet bottom?  
Just water from the ground at the park, nothing more.
Sneaky little booger face.
Hayes was so excited to see ALL of the characters.
He chatted with all of them and told them some story about his life, I'm sure.

Possibly our only family pic from the entire trip.
Or at least one of the only ones.
And WHAT is Hayes doing with his shirt!?


Hayes was wearing his pass in line.
He loved getting a pass while waiting in line!

It was a bit like a little baby jail.
They were fascinated with Dumbo.
I'm glad I obsessed with prepared them for Disney World with movies for months before we traveled.
They knew who most everyone was!

Over by Dumbo there were all of the 'circus' trailers that were full of various animals squirting water!
These children loved playing over there and running around in the water!
Note to self:  purchase a water sprinkler this summer.

We met Mickey.
Hayes squealed.

We also met Apunzel (as Hayes says)...
Elizabeth was fascinated with her long hair.

Aurora, our Sleeping Beauty.

And Hayes knows that Cinderella is my favorite, so he told her that when he met her.
He hugged all over her!

We love the princess's shiny, fluffy dresses and their satin gloves.

I love Cinderella.
And I realize these girls get paid to be peppy princesses, but they are amazing humans.
I love that they loved on my babies!

After we left Magic Kingdom and took a nap we headed over to Downtown Disney for the evening.
We shopped for a bit and then went to watch our AHS kids perform!

 Giant Lego Hulk.
Enough said.
Anddddddddd giant Buzz and Woody lego people!

Hayes wanted Buzz ears.
Hayes got them.
He's awesome.

Sissy continued with her Dumbo obsession and got Dumbo ears.
Ears have come a long way since I remember Disney ears as a kid...
They are complicated and fancy!

AHS Show Choir on stage at Disney!
It was so great to watch them sing and dance.
Hayes loved it and watched every single song.
Elizabeth also loved it!
Hayes shhhhhhushed me every time I tried to sing along.
After their show we had dinner and headed back to our 'room' as Hayes would say.
Bedtime couldn't come soon enough....

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  1. I love you chirruns so much! They are so fun and cute.