Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chaos, but not cha-ohs...

I am selling Advocare.
I'm so excited about it that I bought all these cute bags and packaged things with bows!
Go read my story and order products here.
I'd love to sell you fancy stuff and help you with weight loss, energy, and looking fabulous at any age!
I'm excited to try the 24 day challenge and add new products this month!

Also, I want these shoes.
The end.

Why is Easter candy so daunting?
I swear it is making fun of me.
Poking at me because it knows I can't eat it this week!
I sent stickers instead.
I'm sure some parents hate me for that too.

This is my 'I just found out that one of my students got an amazing scholarship face'.
I sent her this pic after she sent me the text message!
I am SO very proud of her and all the work she has done to get this far.
I cannot wait to see how my Galia keeps going forward!
Much love to you sweet girl and sweet success because you deserve it!

Being a teacher gets better and better....
despite the hours and pay...
and papers to grade and such...


  1. So awesome about the scholarship for your student and love your support!

    I almost started selling Advocare but I wasn't sure about it. I would love to hear your story.

  2. I love the gift bags! I kinda wish I was getting one like that, but I'll survive. I am so excited to get my AdvoCare package!!! I can't wait to blog about it and hopefully look and feel AHmazing:)