Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I love baby sleep.

I love it when their little faces are flushed and they have their sweet blankets by their faces.

I often wonder if they get sleeping genes.
Do they sleep like me?
If the above pictures are any indicators, no.
They sleep just like their Daddy.

Sometimes I remember how tiny they were when they were sleeping.
Hayes rarely fell asleep anywhere other than his bed or the carseat.
There was one rare moment when he slept in the living room floor.
And another where he fell asleep sitting straight up in his high chair.

How do they manage to find the strange crib positions?
Arm slung up over the bumper and squished into the corner...

 She always loved sleeping on her belly.
And I've let her sleep there since the beginning.
And sometimes you find them sleeping like crazy people right beside their Daddy.

Again, weird crib sleep.
He was always busting out of his crib!
I loved to creep into his room and see how he had managed to fall asleep.

Sometimes when I'm having a rough day as a mom or just a person in general I creep into the babies' rooms.
I like to watch them sleep and breathe quietly.
Sometimes I open the doors as quietly as I can and tip toe to the edge of their beds.
I find myself sometimes sitting there for much longer than I'd planned.
Sometimes I find myself in their rooms going to put things away or going to get dirty clothes.
And instead I'll stand watching them sleep and forget why I even went in there to begin with!
I love to catch them sleeping in a crazy position.
Or all wrapped up in their blankets and sheets.
There is something peaceful and comforting about watching them snooze.
It is one of my most favorite things in the whole world.
I love being their momma and watching them sleep.
It reminds me how precious they are.
It reminds me to be thankful that my floors are dirty.
That I have fingerprints on every surface imaginable.
That the crumbs and goop on the floor is a blessing.
It reminds me that they are not my worry, but a blessing.
They look at sleep as though they are missing something.
The next big thing, the time with toys, the time with their parents...
They don't have a worry.
They don't stress about anything.
They just sleep.
Peacefully, sometimes all night long, but peacefully even if for just an hour.
It is a glorious thing that baby sleep or toddler sleep as I have these days.
I miss the days of baby sleep.

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