Monday, March 4, 2013

Pause Disney...for soccer..

I played soccer yesterday afternoon for the first time in 5 years.
I haven't played competitive soccer in about, um, 10 years.  Possibly 11.
I played briefly in college until I got hurt and couldn't play anymore.
Stress fractures=no more soccer for me in college.

So, for the last few years I've wanted to be able to find a league in my area to play in.
I looked online, but didn't find a whole lot that I was impressed with.
I wasn't looking to play for blood with big scary men.
I wasn't trying to be competitive and crazy with women either.
Co-ed kinda creeped me out as well.
I just wanted to find some ladies who wanted to play for fun.
I posted on FB and asked if anyone knew of such a thing.
I got a reply from a dear friend and began my search.
I found it!
League of women, who are fun and not terribly serious.
No practices, just games on Sundays!
I can handle this!

Yesterday it was so nice to push myself to my physical limits.
To inhale that cold, crisp air and feel it rush into my lungs.
To feel that familiar sting when the ball collided with my thighs and knees.
The fancy imprint of the ball reminded me of that hours later...
It was windy and freezing, but I had a blast!
The race to beat the competition to the ball and the victory of the win.
The trash talk that is quickly shrugged off as soon as the last whistle blows...
I found some confidence that was hidden behind some of the things in my life.
I got complimented and encouraged by my teammates.
I played in the mud and squished around on the field, which is my favorite thing about soccer!
I spent 90 minutes grinning and enjoying every play.

I felt like I was me again.
I'm not sure if its the soccer, or the fact that I'm doing something only I can do....
But it made me really happy.
It brought me satisfaction on a level that I don't think anything or anyone else would.
This wasn't for my kids, or my husband, or my family, or my job or students... just me.
Soccer Sundays are my thing!
There is just something about competition that makes my day.
I love a good race and I love winning.
Who doesn't?

Today, however, my legs are on FIRE, and I don't feel like I'm winning.

Now, I'm active.
I run pretty regularly and the people at my gym know my name.
I don't spend every waking moment getting my sweat on, but I'm not on the lazy train either.
But let me tell you, running on the treadmill doesn't compare to running on that field.
And no amount of fitness classes can prepare you for the sudden stops and starts of a soccer game.
Now I know why my coaches made us condition for weeks before we actually played games.

First of all, I'm older than I'd like to admit.
And my feet hurt today.
I can barely walk without cringing in pain.
Also, going up and down stairs, snail's pace.
Using the toilet, us ladies have to sit down every time.
It has become a bit of a production today.
Sloooooowwwwwly seated and slow to rise.
I keep telling myself that I'm reminding my muscles to function and look pretty.

Here's the bottom line:

1.  I had entirely too much fun, more than I even thought possible.
2.  I can't WAIT until my next game!
3.  I need new cleats and possibly some shoe inserts, since I'm
4.  Next week I shall stretch after the game...


  1. In the voice of Ms. Alicia Keys..."your quads are on FIYAHHHHHHH!!! your quads are on fiyahhhhh-uhhhhhh!"

  2. I'm so jealous! I love soccer too! Had to quit in high school to be more responsible and get a job. I'm really glad you're back at it:)

  3. You go girl! They even have indoor soccer at some parks...