Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Disney Safari Day

Thursday's stop was Animal Kingdom.
It was pretty freaking awesome.
Dinosaurs, safari rides, and lots of animals!
Like this little baby deer thing.
So tiny!

 This boy and his dinosaurs.
He's a huge fan.
 And this guy, he's a huge cow.
The biggest cow breed known to man.
According to our tour guide possibly the most useless cow ever.
 This little girl is in love with her paci.
See here?!
And she also liked the fish.
 I love gorillas.
I could sit and stare at them for days.
I love watching them move and interact with each other.
 This is Kevin from the movie Up.
If you don't know what I'm talking about go watch the Disney movie Up.
Biggest bird on the planet.
 This is a hippo.
It was the ONLY animal Hayes asked to see all day long.
I was just so thankful we finally saw one!

We got to see a handful sunbathing and this guy who was waddling around as well!

Lots of crocodiles.
Lots of them.
In a creepy little pool of water sunbathing.

This tree grows branches that looked like roots.
Our guide explained that it held water that way.

Oh, this is a rare toddler who's not interested in the safari.
She liked her iTouch much better.

Giant animal with horns.

Did  y'all know there are multiple giraffe species?
Similar to birds, they vary in size, coloring, etc.
I had no idea... until Disney taught me.

Wildebeast, otherwise known as Mufasa killers.

 An elephant butt.
The giraffe.
Apparently they have a smaller species on property at Disney.

'Mingoes! (as Hayes would say)
'Mingoes are pink 'cause they eat shrimps.
He's so smart.
And possibly he's been watching Forrest Gump?

The  big rhino.
And his buddy.

Another large animal with horns.

Oh, atop Pride Rock we have a lion.
He was napping.
Clearly failing in his Circle of Life duties.

Giant ostrich eggs.

Zebras:  all patterned differently.
Just like us!

And a pretty little watering hole.

The Animal Kingdom was the best day we had at Disney.
Hayes and Elizabeth LOVED every minute of it.
I could have spent at least 2-3 more days there!
Apparently the shows there are all awesome, so we'll have to make plans to go back soon!

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