Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hayesface turns 3.

Three years ago I woke up very early.
It was still dark outside and my house was very quiet.
I thrust myself out of bed and waddled to the potty.
Something felt odd, just a little off.
So I sat for a bit longer and thought.
I huffed back up and then waddled back to my phone.
I called a very groggy midwife and spoke to her about the odd feeling.
She gave me directions and within minutes I had decided we needed to go.
Hayes was on his way, whether I was ready for him or not.
I rattled Daryk awake.
For weeks he had been fussing for me to pack my hospital bags and I obliged.
For weeks I had watched him not pack his.
And in about 3 minutes he managed to cram his hospital bag full of dad stuff.
He prepped the truck for our drive.
He was so kind to stick a waterproof cover on the passenger seat, you know, just in case.
We started our drive.
We called our parents and told them we would call them once we arrived at Northside.
We stopped by Walmart--I needed snacks.  
True life.
We arrived, had a good laugh in the waiting area, checked in, and waited.
At 9:30 we saw Dr Mobasser and Wendy.
We were in labor, but not the kind where you get to have a baby soon.
Hayes was on his way, but not planning to arrive the traditional way.
At 6:24 p.m. on Sunday January 3, 2010 I met the warmth of my heart in human form.
Thomas Hayes Cochran was perfect.
He weighed 7 lbs and 12 oz and was 19 inches long.
He was bald and beautiful.
His father would tell you that he had cauliflower ear at birth.
Unfortunately, he did.
First family photo.
He was stubborn and let it be known.
He was 3 weeks early and refused to nurse.
As much as I wanted to breast feed, I could not.
I compromised with the biggest force I knew and he got expressed milk.
Apparently, that worked with my strong willed boy.
This will always be my most favorite baby outfit.

One year later I was staring at a chunky boy who liked to make noise.
He was (still is) spoiled rotten.
Hayes could melt an iceberg with those blue eyes.
His curiosity is exhausting.
His lively spirit is something that nobody can contain and few understand.
He wakes up ready for everything and anything the day will bring.
He is very particular and loves for things to be in place.
He doesn't like to be messy and he doesn't like to share.
Last year, on this day we celebrated two years of this boy.
He still melts my heart with those eyes.
He has a smile as big as Texas and he lights up the room with his laughter.
He is a pain in the behind as well.
He is stubborn and ill willed a few days at a time.
He is a picky eater and won't try anything unless forced.
He moves the food he doesn't like off his plate and covers it with a napkin.
Nothing I write will ever capture the way he laughs at his sister.
No words will ever be able to measure how loud he screams for me every morning to announce he's awake.
There isn't enough time for me to tell you how he hard he loves.

This little guy Hayes has big shoes to fill.
He is the joy of our hearts and brings a smile to everyone who meets him.
He makes me laugh and cry and yell at the same time.
Happy Birthday Hayesface!


  1. I feel ya on the during-labor-Walmart-stop. With Lillee I went into labor at my 40 week check up. Sounds perfect right? Wrong. The doctor office shares a driveway with the hospital so we just drove across the parking lot ad checked in. I wanted to go to chick til a but Scott said he would go pick some up after we got checked in. Tom bad the nurses were evil food nazis and didn't let me eat ice I walked thru the door. Ugh.

  2. Next time I have that much to say I will write a letter instead. Sorry!