Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Food for thought, but not the kind you eat....

I stumbled across this blog entry today.
I regularly read The Gracious Pantry for recipes and other lovely ideas.
I found it to be refreshging and honest.
I mean, what ISN'T true here?
She hits the nail on the head with what women feel about each other.
She also talks about how we speak about each other.
I feel like its a grown up therapy session kinda like what the teens in Mean Girls experienced. 
We are all just Mean Girls. 
Could this blog entry BE any more accurate?
say that just like Joey. 

Ahem, my sister corrected me yesterday afternoon and said that was Chandler's thing...

So, say that JUST like Chandler.  Not Joey.  But Joey is in this clip.
Pretending to be Chandler.
In Chnandler Bong's clothing...

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