Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Please excuse my blurred attempt at capturing the mischevious child at her best. 
I was trying to get ready for the day and this desk is located just outside my bathroom
She was trying to see if she could fit in the cubby hole on the side of the desk. 
I laughed at her determination and the fact that she sticks her tongue out of her mouth, just like her daddy!

See the tongue?
And the leg rolls?

She dare not drop her book. 
Elmo or Oscar is far too important.
Attempt 1--failed.
Try again.

Both feet off the floor and head not smushed into the desk.
Book still in hand!

She looks pretty pleased, yes?
I wish you could hear her giggles through the photos.

1 comment:

  1. That's one of Maddy's favorite things! Our coffee table has cubbies under it and she constantly play inside it.

    I got the PW cookbook called food from my frontier. I guess that's the second one? Anyway I love it.

    We definitely need to FaceTime.