Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Let's all observe.
If you follow me on instagram or facebook you have seen this photo.
But let's just visit it again, for further documentation....
My husband and Hayes are the same.
They were both watching the SAME cartoon about super heroes about 4 feet away from each other.
Same face.
Mouth open.
Glazed look....
Do you think my genetics are even IN that kid somewhere?
Same morning while I'm busily folding laundry....
Hayes brought me his puzzle for show and tell!


Busy day! 
Sweet smiles from my two favorite kids!
This was just before we took my MIL to Aldi for the first time.
She hated it.
I love it.
I'll blog about that more later....

Also, Leigh Anne brought Elizabeth some balloons last weekend.
This is how she chooses to play with them after the helium died.
Balloon wrestling?
I do believe her father would approve!

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  1. how could she hate Aldi? We don't have one anywhere even remotely close to us and it's terrible! Our grocery bill tripled, yes TRIPLED when we moved down here.