Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breakfast with the deer

 We woke up this morning to these visitors in our yard.
 There were 8 of them total.
A few big ones and handful of small ones as well.
I didn't notice any antlers, but I wasn't too close and my zoom isn't that great!
 Looking out back of our house they started on the left side of the yard.
 Proceeded right through the middle of the yard looking for food.
 They finished searching and climbed right across the neighbor's yard!
 They are so beautiful and graceful when they move.  
 A few of them flagged their tails as I exited the house and creeped onto the back porch.  
 To catch a glimpse of them out there in their world is just amazing to me.
 They climbed the yard to the right, and then gradually leaped up the wall and out of site.
 I couldn't believe I was able to creep outside without scaring them!
 I was trying to get them to stop and face me so I could get one last GOOD picture of all of them...
This was as good as I could get!  
I'm not blessed with that amazing whistle talent like my dad.
I know he would have gotten their attention for sure!
Hayes and I had a blast spying on the deer this morning before my in laws came for breakfast.
Then I made cheese biscuits and had coffee. 
Mmmmmm, heaven!

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