Friday, January 11, 2013

A few new things this week

Sunday afternoon Hayes says, 'Momma, take our picture in this chair.'
End result, best picture ever.
I die.

Thanks to my Aunt Patsy and Daryk's fear of online shopping, I got new chucks for Christmas! 
I love my new shoes. 
They go AWESOME with all my ALX gear.
This chick has been practicing for summer.
She was ready for a bath before I was ready to put her in the tub.
Seriously, I was cleaning the toilet and she managed to dive into the tub.
Weird thing was I didn't hear a splash at all.
I just noticed her laughing after she came up for air and was soaking wet
Dress, leggings, socks, shoes, and all.
She's pleased and I laughed. 

My big boy turned 3 last week. 
We celebrated his special day in his classes at school this week.
He could have cared LESS that I showed up at all.
He was thrilled with this new puzzle Mrs. Greene bought for his class. 
It had bugs on it.

I've been following this blog called Crossfit Mamas for quite some time now.
I decided to participate in her 90 day challenge and I've started incorporating elements of her WOD as well.
I've been doing Crossfit type exercises and cardio all week long.
The result:  my pants fit better, my body is sore, and I feel awesome.

Also, it's time to restock my homemade detergent bottles.
I got my recipe from One Good Thing by Jille here.
Easy, fast, smells great, and it is the least expensive way to clean the mountains of laundry at my house.
It makes me SO happy to save money and still get great smelling laundry.
Lastly, this bracket dictates the future of the ALX wrestling program.
We are fighting for a state title this weekend.
Safe to say that I'm a NERVOUS wreck as the coach's wife.
I even filled in my own bracket so I can see who is coming next.
I'm ready for another state title ring in my house!
Y'all say a prayer for us this weekend.

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