Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vote for Libby James

If you click HERE you can go to the D Crowe Photography page and vote for my little sassy pants to win a contest.

This is the photo you are voting for.
Crazy girl.
If we win we get a free photo session in 2013 with Denise.
Denise and I have been BFF since the 8th grade.
I met her at a Beta Convention in passing with some mutual friends.
They played soccer with her and they were sorta my friends.
I wasn't really cool in the 8th grade, probably not cool now either.
That was the first time I saw Denise...
Then we met again at church.
She was wearing red pants and she was REALLY cool then.
I was certain that she wouldn't be my friend because she was friends with the 'cool' people from my school.
Much to my surprise she became one of my VERY best friends ever that year.
At one point in time we literally spent every single night together over summer break.
She was one of my favorite people through high school as well.
Eventually she married a wonderful man David.
I was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.
To this day we still chat as often as we can....
Between jobs,children, husbands, and home we both stay busy.

She is that friend who I don't talk to every day, but still feel close to.
I know she's a true blessing to my life.

Recently she decided to take pictures as a hobby/career.
Amazing adventure for her.
Wonderful thing for my family.

So, go to her FB Page and vote for Libby.
She's the crazy girl with a white shirt running and laughing.
What you don't see in that pic is Hayes chasing her with a stick....
It was way better in person.
But seriously, my girl has more personality in her pinky finger than most adults will have their entire lives.
She's a hoot.

You can also browse Denise's actual photography blog.

If you book her, tell her I sent you.
She's amazing!
And VOTE for Libby James!

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