Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cochran Family Easter 1-4

Thanks Evan for this idea!
Totally stole it...

Wittle Hayes.
Except not really little.
Kid had a noggin!
Annnnnnnnd I was wearing his lunch.
Notice my knee?  Nice.
Also, I was fat.
We were so excited to have a baby boy for Easter that year!

Still fat this year, but pregnant.
Yay for an excuse to not be skinny!
Hayes had a BLAST looking for eggs this year.
I can remember waddling around after Hayes and yelling at everyone else to make sure he found eggs!

Not fat, but not skinny.
And my baby girl just radiates happy.
Hayes looks so serious.
Hayes hunted eggs and Elizabeth ate grass.

Probably the best picture we're gonna get with two preschoolers.
Yes, they are both preschoolers.
Technically, Elizabeth is still a toddler, but not for long.
She think she is going on 15 or 20.
Girlfriend is SASSY.
Hayes is just stubborn.
But I loves them so much!
I am pleased with the way my body looks after 2 babies in 4 years.
Not thrilled, but pleased.

Easter is my most favorite holiday all year long.
Yes, I love it more than Christmas.
Mostly because I can wear flip flops and shorts, but it is my favorite.
I love the weather most years and the time with my family is always good.
I love that as I get older I can watch my kids hunt eggs.
The toddler waddle and the excitement on their faces makes the whole day awesome.
I could do without the egg hunt and the food, but not my family.
And I don't even mean my kids and husband.
It is the rest of the crew that makes my day.
My parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws, aunts & uncles, and cousins.
Those people are such an integral part of making that day special.

Oh, and my Savior.
He's pretty important too.
Thankful that Easter gives us a chance to celebrate our forgiveness.
His love for us.
What a glorious day!

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  1. Thanks for your comment and I think your blog is going to be fun to follow! What cute pictures!

    In terms of what I am doing right now for ab's, I detailed it in my Push It Wednesday post on 4/3 but simply stated, week 1 involves repetitions of crunches and bicycle legs. I go through 5 sets of 20 repetitions each (40 if you count each leg). That gives me 100 crunches and 100 bicycle legs. I then do two sets of 25 push up's with a Child's Pose between them. Since I go slow and focus on form, it takes me 10 minutes a day. I will change it up in week 2 and post about it on my blog....most likely in the next Push It Wednesday post to keep things streamlined.

    Have a great day!