Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby pooped in the tub.

This kid right here has a mind of her own. 
She's crazy affectionate and fiercely independent. 
She's also very sensitive and doesn't like to be yelled at.
Last night at Grandma's house she got a little too excited about the bath and jumped up.
Then she slipped and landed on her bottom.
Poor kid came up crying and was a little traumatized.
About 3 seconds after we are trying to console her we hear Hayes saying, 'Baby pooped in the tub."
So apparently, she literally scared the poop out of herself.
I wasn't sure that was possible, but now I know that it is.
After cleaning up the poop and the tub we had do-over with bathtime.

Happy baby girl.
Clean bathtub.
Thanks Aunt Ellie!

On Saturday we got to keep baby Kendall.
It was our first time getting to watch her since she was born!
Hayes was a little bit too excited for that event.
When Kendall's parents left Hayes says, 'We get to keep Kendall?'
With big eyes and a huge smile he hugged her!
It was a good afternoon.
Kendall tried to stay awake for the long haul, but the swing and the sunshine were too much.

Also, my children used me as a launching pad Sunday morning before church.
It was craziness.

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