Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday Spring Break

Chick fil A day.
My baby sister works at corporate office so we got to take a field trip!

We met the cows, fondled the cows, loved on the cows, and kissed them bye.

She was a bit hesitant of the cows.
But she LOVES to put on a show for everyone.

We had to carefully watch her because she almost climbed into the fountains!
One more grunt and she might have managed to hoist her hiney right over the stones into the water.
Wouldn't even surprise me ONE bit.
She is my adventurous child.
She has no fear and lovingly dares us to chase her as the runs off to another adventure.

This boy, however, is overly cautious.
He is very hesitant to try new things and doesn't want to be directed to do anything he doesn't choose to do.
He's a very careful little guy.
Curious, but cautious.

This is their BFF at the gym.
We cannot make a trip to the gym without stopping to take a picture with Armstrong the frog.

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