Saturday, April 27, 2013

Best thing since sliced bread

Friday night we ventured out to the traveling fair for a night of fun.
My mother gave me her 'be careful on the rides' speech before we left.
My children were THRILLED.
Hayes has been eyeing that fair for the last 2-3 weeks and asks every time we pass if we can go ride.
He thinks there are roller coasters.
Not at this fair.
But there was a train.

And Daddy got to cram himself into the tiny train car with Elizabeth.
Hayes rode all by himself like a big boy!
Daddy also had to ride this wiggle worm that went around and around...

They loved that too!
Finally, we all got to ride the carousel!
The horses going up and down were awesome!
I don't think Elizabeth had any fun at all.
She has more chins than me.
I'm cool with that.
Hayes gave me the crap smile that his father passed down.
Thanks Daryk.
After we rode all the 'baby rides' as Hayes called them, we headed over to the Tilt a Whirl.
Hayes LOVES to ride scary rides.
He and I got in line and I tried to get some pics.
He refused.... until he realized he could play with the camera.

Stinker would NOT cooperater with me!

I guess he thinks he's avoiding the paprazzi.
Please, no more photos.
Talk to the ticket.

I know he's growing up and getting bigger....
But those tiny hands and fat fingers make me so happy.
Also, we played a stupid game where they picked up ducks and got a prize.
Elizabeth picked this giant pink monkey.
Hayes chose this stupid bat.
Typical boy.
Our night at the fair was the best $40 I've spent in a long time.
They both cried when we had to leave.

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