Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break: 3 days in.

Kitchen has been repainted.
It was a heinous yellow color that was almost blinding it was so bright.
Now it is a glossy sorta green ish that barely looks like a color, but it is.
I love it.
I'm pretty excited to get some decorating done!
My step mom was kind enough to come help me paint it!
She's also taking my kids the last half of the week....
I'm going to shop at some thrift and antique stores for some decor while they are gone!

We went to play at the park today.
I didn't feel so well, so I didn't play too much.
The kids had a BLAST!

Success with the sewing machine today!
I bought a headband like this online a few weeks ago.
Actually, they were on sale so I bought four.
I became obsessed with them.
They stay put on my hair all day long, through any activity.
They are amazing!
I decided I would figure it out and make my own!
I ventured to Hobby Lobby (the mother ship as Kitty calls it) last week.
Got the ribbon, the backside ribbon, and elastic needed.
Made the headband today.

I might decide to sell them and pay back my college loans with the profit.
I need a catchy name...
Any ideas?

Got 3 things on my to do list done this weekend!
Maybe I need to add a few more things to the list?
If I have enough time and I'm brave enough I'll make a skirt or pants for myself...

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  1. You should name your headbands after Elizabeth. Libby J sounds like a fancy boutique name!