Thursday, April 18, 2013

It ain't always sunshine & rainbows...

After I read one of my favorite people's post about her rough morning I had my own version of a rough morning. 

I woke up late, but that's per my usual.  Unless I get up early to exercise you can pretty much assume I'm going to wake up at about 6:45 with intentions to leave at 7:30 and deliver the children.  I also had to bathe, fix my hair, and make a breakfast for myself.

Yay for crappy time management and not wanting to get out of the bed.

So I got up and thankfully the kids were still sleeping.  I turned on the shower to allow time for the hot water to journey from the basement to my shower and went to the kitchen to make morning milk cups for my babies.  I went back up to my shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs, and used the smelly good soap for an extra boost of good vibes today.  I got out of the shower, dried off and wrapped my nintey thousand million hairs up in a towel.  I put lotion on my legs and heard the infamous, 'open the doooooor-uhhhh' from Hayes' room.

I went to get him up and dressed.  He was moving as slow as an injured turtle today.  We finally got him dressed and had a pep talk about going to poop on the potty and NOT in his pants (here's hoping) then I sent him off to drink milk and watch Little Einsteins while I got ready.  Not too long after I got my hair dry did I hear the little girl screech from across the house.  'Mommaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I want up.'  So I answered her screech with a smile and tried to get her dressed.  She didn't like her shoes or her dress or her hairbow or her diaper or anything else.  So we battled.  Thankfully I won and there were minimal tears on both ends.  It only took 20 minutes longer than it should have.  Awesome.

I finished getting myself ready and noticed it was officially 7:30 and I still had about 10 minutes of getting ready before we could leave.  Again, per my usual. 

Ten minutes later I was loading two crying kids in the car.  Elizabeth wanted more milk and didn't want to wear her sandals anymore.  They are too big she keeps repeating, which they are not.  They actually fit her fat feet, which rarely happens ever.  Hayes is crying because he can and he didn't even want to come downstairs.  He didn't want to leave our house at all.  He doesn't want to see Papa or Bebe or Zack or Maggie or Dwayne.  He doens't want to do anything.  Or so he says...

So since he's mad and not strapped into his seat yet he starts to irritate his sister.  She's stuck in her seat and can't fight back.  I ran back into the house to grab my water bottle and next thing I know they are both screeching and screaming in the car and I have no idea why.  Awesome.

So I instruct Hayes to put his bottom in his seat and buckle himself up (I have to help,  but he does most of it himself) and he's crying.  Elizabeth is crying and is begging for silly songs that Hayes is continually protesting.  I roll the windows down and open the sunroof.  So what if we inhale 90 gallons of pollen in the 7 mile ride, I need to distract them.  About 2 minutes into the departure they are both quiet and finally cooperative with each other.  They are searching for their cows and hope to see the baby cows before we get to Bebe's house.  No cows and no more tears until we arrive at Bebe's house.

Elizabeth promptly removed her shoes about 3 minutes into the trip from our house to Bebe's.  I told her she had to wear them at Bebe's and at school.  So we had to battle about those when we got to Bebe's house.  I told her to stop fighting with me about it and she cried.  Parent of the YEAR over here! 

I successfully made everyone cry today before we even had breakfast.  I am such a winner. 

I'd like a do-over please.  And possibly a melt down of my own. 

I'm linking up with one of my fave blogs today!  Go check all the other ladies, and possibly a man? to see what they shared today! 


  1. I had to pop over and say ALOHA and thanks for your comments today. Ironically, I read this post of yours yesterday and it made me feel less alone in the world with the struggles of being a mom. Keep up the great work and I recently fell in love with Georgia! I would love to visit it one day....there and a ton of other states!

    Have a great weekend yourself!

  2. I feel bad saying this but, I love this. You made me giggle.
    Here's to hoping tomorrow grants you ten extra minutes and no tears! :)