Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Spring Break

I huffed it up and down and around my hood for almost 3 miles Monday morning.  
I almost died from pollen poisoning.
Does everyone else feel the same?  
Oh, wait, just all of Georgia?
Yes because our pollen count is enough for 50 cities combined.
Oh Spring, I love thee, but I could live without all the pine tree and flower sex that pollen creates.
I was huffing while these two commanded that I 'go wealllly fast momma' as they played on their iTouch.
Also, their feet were propped up.
And occasionally Hayes would say things like, 'I got snot momma.'
Code for 'wipe my nose now, please.'
Of course I did, or else he's wearing a line of snot across his cheek and his sleeve.

Little potty break after the walk.

After the shortest nap ever we went to get yogurt.
Note to self, don't get the plain yogurt flavor.
Flavor matters VERY little to my children, they prefer the color of yogurt over flavor.
And sprinkles.
They love those.

Spoonful of sprinkles.
After we left yogurt land we drove across the street to The Mother Ship.
Hobby Lobby or Hovvy Lovvy as Hayes calls it.

Dinner consisted of taco salad?
I can't remember anything these days.
Oh yes!
Taco salad and Elizabeth ate 5 lbs of corn.
We all prayed that her digestive system held out on that one until AFTER she went to the lake!
Sorry MawMaw & PawPaw, but its coming!
We took the wagon out for a spin after dinner and went for some playtime on the swings.

Monday of Spring Break was pretty amazing.
The kids went to bed and I proceeded to make my 'dessert'.....
Strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips, and sugar free chocolate syrup....
I stumbled across this monster berry!
They were supposed to be organic!?
This guy was tasty, albeit and little weird.
Comparable to the Giant Hail we had last month!

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