Monday, April 29, 2013

Soccer Sundays

This was my soccer weather on Sunday.
I did NOT want to go play.
I was so certain that our game would be cancelled because of the rain and thunder!
I was wrong!
The field was in good shape and it wasn't too squishy.
No standing water, so we played.
It rained off and on the entire time we were out there Sunday.
I loved it.
I got to run and I burned 1300 calories!
I need to play soccer every day.
I love exercising, but there is nothing as challenging as racing towards the ball.

I had makeup on before the game.
Thankfully I had baby wipes in the car to remove it as my mascara was running down my face.
Post game sweat/rain look.

My sweet toe got crunched during the game.
But I won and got the ball!
It didn't look too bad on Sunday night....

But this morning it looks pretty gross.
I doesn't hurt, thankfully, just looks nasty.

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