Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ivory 2-n-1 hair and body wash

I was SO excited to get my first Influenster box this week!
I've been working with this website hoping to be able to review some new products and this one is perfect!
I am a very active mom between work and my children.
Sometimes I even manage to squeeze in time for myself with exercise.
Which means I have to bathe more often... ugh.
I'm not a huge fan of taking time to bathe.
Don't get me wrong, I do the whole bathe daily thing.
Often, I bathe twice daily because I've worked myself into a sweat chasing children around.
I love this new product because it does dual duty for me.
If I take it with me to the gym it is less hassle for travel since it does dual duty!
It smells yummy and that is a requirement for me when using body wash & shampoo.
I love me some smelly good!
That was the first thing I tested when I pulled this out of the box, smell!

I even used it to bathe my little beauties!
It is not tear free, so we had to be careful on their heads, but they liked 'being like mommy.'
It had some great bubble bath action for Hayes!

Yes, two different tubs.
Occasionally we bathe at grandma's house!

And let's face it, with these two we have to bathe often.
Cheetos and Nutella, anyone?
Go check out Ivory on Facebook.
And view their video here.

I was provided the Ivory 2-n-1 Hair and Body Wash complimentary through the Influenster program.
All opinions are my own and include my family's as well.


  1. I also got this...but I'm not terribly impressed. It smells nice, lathers nicely, but my hair doesn't feel conditioned.... :(

  2. Aaryn--I didn't skip my conditioner! I just used it as body wash and shampoo. I have SUPER thick hair and wouldn't be able to brush if I didn't condition!