Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A wee bit too excited...

This is happening Sunday night.
I love my girlfriends at school and we love the Bachelor & Bachelorette series on ABC.
We faithfully watch every season and offer our own commentary for every single episode.
Often we gather for the season premieres and finales and celebrate with our favorite snacks.
Usually we wear pajamas.
We have had a party or two that was themed.
I've seen Team Emily and Team Chanel t shirts.

We also got together to watch Emily choose between Arie and Jef. 
Just one 'F'.

I believe we are excited to witness this happily ever after and hope that they make it the long haul.
There aren't very good odds for the couples who don't even make it to the altar.
But hopefully JP and Ashley can help curb the naysayers with their love.

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