Thursday, December 20, 2012

Family is Awesome

Last night we went to work the Delta Military Lounge at the ATL airport.
After a much longer drive than I planned, we finally arrived at Concourse B.
I seriously had a hard time finding the airport on the route I chose.
I was having a moment and it was embarrassing.
But the new international concourse is SUPER nice and very pretty.
Y'all should go check it out.
It's on the OPPOSITE side of the domestic side of the airport.
That's where Concourse B is.

So, after driving adventures we arrived.
Dealt with a not smart gate agent...
And finally got our gate passes to proceed through security.
Seamless, finally.

I freaking love the tram.
Like, it is my favorite part of the airport.
Would ride for hours if I had the time.
I know, I know.  Lame.

Daryk and I were thrilled to be there.
To be able to offer a smile, a chair, a thank you to these people.
We met a few fun folks and some little kiddos last night.
We had a great time talking with a few of them.
About halfway through our time there we noticed that one of our patrons had missed their flight.
We were all heartbroken.
They had spent just a little too much time with us and mom and son missed their flight home.
I cried for them.
They cried much harder than I did.
Uncle Dan and Aunt Cindy were instrumental in making sure that those folks were taken care of.
He got them on the next available flight this morning.
He made sure Delta took care of their hotel.
He got them meal vouchers.
He also got them overnight kits from the airport.
They even drove them over to the hotel.
He's an amazing human being.
So proud of him.

When we were heading out of the airport we got to ride the tram with them!
The little boy wasn't really little.
His mom was a tiny lady and he is almost her size.
They both had tear stained faces and were just so tired.
They were more than ready to get home, but the hotel would have to do for the night.
We talked and laughed with them on the tram.
At one point in time the boy looked at his mother and just touched her face.
He cupped her cheek in his little boy hand and just smiled at her.
I do believe my heart just squealed and my eyes leaked tears for a minute.
He was so sweet and he loved her so much.

I cannot imagine what these people go through.
Just to get home to see their mommas and their family.
I love my momma.
Can't live without her.
I cannot imagine traveling with my two small children to go visit our family.
I cannot imagine staying up all hours of the night to fly across the country to get 'home.'
Watching them trudge across concourses and still smile was just breathtaking.
Men, women, families, a couple of puppies, and lots of luggage.

I'll never, ever be able to express how much I appreciate those folks.
Verbally I lack the ability.
Well, actually, I just cry.
I can barely muster up a 'thank you' before I turn into a blubbering fool.
Those are someone's babies.
That woman is a daughter.
That man is a son.
They might even be parents or grandparents.
They have friends and family who miss them daily.

I just hope that all the soliders who are serving our great country are able to enjoy Christmas.
Regardless of location, I hope they can celebrate where they are.
I'll be thinking of them while my family gathers at my house to celebrate.

So thankful.
Merry Christmas.
God Bless America.

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