Sunday, December 16, 2012

Giggles and Tears

These kids were supposed to go to the lake with my parents this weekend.
After a really long day Friday of not having internet at school, I finally learned about the tragedy in CT.
I cried a lot at my desk on Friday.
Thankfully I had planned on the students watching a brain development video, so I could cry.
I asked my step mom to bring the kiddos by before she left for Alabama Friday.
I just wanted to double check them.
To look at them one more time and give them a kiss.
I wanted to hear their laugh and squeeze their chunky thighs before they left me for a day or two.
I wanted to love on them just a little bit.
Most importantly, I wanted to tell them that I loved them.
Not that I didn't tell them before I left for school or because they would have forgotten.
But because I wanted to and because I could.
And because I needed to have a chance to laugh at them before I cried some more.

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