Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Prep Pink Pig Style

Earlier in December we visited The Pink Pig at Lenox.  
Last year when we went to ride it was freezing and rainy.
This year we had on short sleeves and we were still sweating.
It was an awesome day.
 Miss Priss had about had enough of waiting in line.  
She began her slow meltdown...

 I gave her my necklace for entertainment.  
It didn't work.  
See the sassy face?

 Daddy was mimicking her and poking fun at her.
She was not amused.
 Big brother was quite taken with his itouch and played on it for a good while.

 Still mad.

A picture of all of us.  
This never happens.
 On the actual pink pig.  
 He was more than pleased.

This was the original Pink Pig , who's name is Priscilla.
It is so tiny.
I can't imagine sitting in that thing.

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