Tuesday, December 4, 2012

In other news

Weekend recap...

Saturday we didn't have anything to do.  Naturally, I wanted to pawn my children off and get some Christmas shopping done!  Thankfully Papa Jack agreed to host them that morning so I could get shopping done with ease and still maintain some sanity. 

I have a few last minute things to get for the family, but I'm basically done.  Most of what I have left consists of going to the bank and opening savings accounts for my kids, my niece, and nephew.  I need important documents for that... so I'll have to remember to ask their mommas for those and then go set it up! 

Yay for being DONE with Christmas shopping.  Now, who wants to come wrap all that crap?  If there is one thing I HATE about Christmas it is wrapping the effing presents.  Who wants to do that?!  My Aunt Patsy has always had beautiful gifts and bows.  I just assume shoving that mess in a bag and stapling it shut.  I hate wrapping.  Loathe.

Saturday afternoon we napped, well, they napped.  I cleaned and finished decorating the house.  I folded about 900 loads of laundry and put it all away.  Also another thing I hate--folding laundry.  Should be outlawed.  I firmly believe everything should be hung up.  Even the undies.  We had dinner, got baths, and went to bed.  Daryk was coaching and he didn't come home until around 12 ish. 

Sunday was a JAM PACKED family day.  Up early to go visit with our favorite Hess family members at the Cracker Barrell before heading to see Santa at Lenox.  After Santa we rode the Pink Pig and then went home.  I'll post those pics and the Santa saga tomorrow. 

Today I'm asking for prayers for my MIL.  She's in the hospital and isn't breathing well.  She has COPD and needs to wear her oxygen 24/7.  However, she is stubborn and chooses not to do so.  Thus we are in the hospital again.  Awesome. 

Hope y'all are having a GREAT Tuesday.


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