Sunday, December 9, 2012

Last Sunday with Santa

 We went to see Santa.
We waited a little over an hour in line to see the man in red.
They were champs.
They played with each other.
They played with their 'phones'... aka:  old ipods we bought just for them....
Old iPod saves my iPhone.
You can see that they both had smiles on their faces the majority of the time.
And baby girl surely has a cheesy grin for the camera.

 Just before you climb onto the giant green chair with Santa you go through a tunnel.
It plays music and it is surrounded with this giant tree.
Lights, garland, and those holly berries.
My children were fascinated.
 And.... Santa went much better this year than last year.
If you saw those pictures you know this is a huge improvement.
Praise Jesus for that.
Although, those pictures surely made for a GREAT story.
 I believe that Kitty has a segment of our Santa video that contains some booger picking.
Hayes opted to continue the tradition.
Elizabeth just marveled at the man.
She was quite taken by his beard and glasses.
I love these little guys.
So much.

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