Friday, December 21, 2012

Allllllll the junk

This is PART of the pile of goodies my students brought me today!
I got one more tin of peanut butter yummies later in the day.
I also got a $10 Target card--holllllllla! 

Giant Hersheys Kiss replica via rice krispies treat!
I was saddened but excited that it stuck to the foil so I couldn't eat much of it.

Some sort of Chex mix chocolate stuff that I'll be eating in bed later while I watch a movie or read.

Just straight chocolate.
And a snowglobe.

A pasta soup that I add tomatoes and beef to.
This is a first and I'm REALLY excited to try it!

This one is a baggie of chocolatey chex mix stuff with marshmellows, and Santa hats!
So cute!
This red container has these amazing thin cookie wafer things that just melt in your mouth.

And lastly, I got the peanut buttery goodness.
I don't know what this one is yet, but it smells like I would expect heaven to smell.

And I wonder why my pants won't fit come January.
I don't even make it to Christmas before I'm bombarded by all the goodies!
Hope y'all have a great weekend preparing for Christmas with your families.
I can't wait to share with y'all about that after we open all our gifts!

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