Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pianos and Solos and Tears

Yesterday I was jamming to Christmas music on Pandora.  
My station had just wrapped up NSync's version of Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday.  
I had just revisited every Christmas event from all 4 years of high school and giggled a lot.  

Then I heard the very familiar beginning of one of the greatest songs ever.  

Amazing Grace.  

In piano solo.

Immediately tears crept into the corners of my eyes.  
And I smiled.

I listened to the resonating notes as the verses led into each other and I let the tears roll down my cheeks.  

It is such a simple song.  
Simple melody and nothing complicated lyrically.  

But it strikes a chord deep in my heart and soul and it makes me happy, 
but I cry tears at the same time.
And it makes me think only of my Papaw.

As the holidays approach I get a little bit more sad that my sweet Papaw isn't here anymore.  
I miss him a lot more often.
I wish he was here to see Hayes and Elizabeth in action.
More than anything, I'd love to call and hear his voice.
'Hey Sugar.'
Oh, how I long for the day when I'll see him again.   

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