Thursday, November 29, 2012

Facebook=Grown Up Show and Tell

Did y'all ever go with your parents to work when you were a kid?
I know that experience for my sisters and I was always an adventure.
And always embarrassing.  
Dad always had pictures of us on his desk that were at least 5-7 years old.  
So naturally our hair styles were awful and we had gap toothed grins.
But he was so proud.  
Often there were newspaper clippings, mostly of Kathryn, who was our softball star.
There is still a newspaper clipping of Kat on my grandparents fridge.  
Some things never change.

My dad displayed those photos with a huge smile on his face.
No doubt that he had a story for each picture and that he told that story to every person he met.
Bless them for having to listen... multiple times I'm sure....
Going to see those photos at the office and going to see him at the office was just another way he could participate in grown up show and tell.
It was always like being on parade.... and so embarrassing.
We always took a lap (or two) around the cubicle jungle to meet all his buddies.
They knew our life story.
We knew they worked with Dad and looked like nerds.

Now when we go to visit Dad at work there are photos of us, the kids, and our spouses (or soon to be spouses)...
Things change, but those photos remain.
Sometimes the old photos are still there... but we have new additions as well!
And thank goodness for the invention of Facebook.
Photo sharing at its finest.  
I can email a photo to Dad and he can print it out immediately for display.
I don't worry so much that those folks are seeing my gap toothed grin anymore.  
Thankfully, I haven't lost a tooth in a while.
I have also learned that hairstyles aren't such a huge issue.
But then again, I don't have giant 80s bangs anymore.  
I'm sure a good bit of Dad's colleagues have a Facebook and they see plenty of us that way.
Less pressure for the parade around his office that way...
Did I mention that it was embarrassing?

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