Friday, January 24, 2014

Laundry for the masses...

Sometimes the best part of my day is coming home while these two are still sleeping.  I can do laundry and load the dishwasher before I get to hug and kiss all my littles.  I hate waking them up, but sometimes it is necessary.  Like this one below, I have to wake her before gymnastics every week.  Never fails.  She loves to sleep.  She goes to bed willingly.  She is a strange breed, but I love her.  

The above child was pouting because I was still doing I said laundry and wasn't going to stop until I finished sorting it.  He says, 'I don't like you doing laundry Mommy.'  Me either bug.  Hayes is so helpful with the laundry though. He's only 4, so I don't let him do much as far as the chemicals are concerned, but he helps in other ways. He sorta the dirty stuff into baskets.  He helps to swap the clothes over from washer to dryer. He also helps to fold things, match socks, and put his clothes away. I don't plan on doing his laundry forever, so I love that he's interested in helping. 

Not so sure Libby will feel the same way!

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