Thursday, January 30, 2014

Georgia Snow

My fearless child.  She knows no boundaries.  She fears nothing.  She walks briskly into any situation and cares nothing about the consequences.  She will be the reason I have more gray hair than not in the coming years.  Elizabeth loved the snow.  She ate it.  In true Elizabeth fashion, it was a 'nack for her.  She had a hard time keeping those mittens on her hands, but she had a blast.  We were lucky enough to have a hand me down snow suit and several huge coats for her.  All I could think about while she was all layered up, was her having to go potty.  Thankfully she didn't have any accidents in the 20 degree snow!  

She resembled Christmas Story kid just a bit.  When she fell down, she had a hard time getting back up!

Have you ever tried to get a cooperative photo of a 2 & 4 year old?  It is about impossible.  I'm pretty sure I asked nicely for them to both look at me, smile, say cheese... something.  ANYTHING!  I got these.

Best one of the day!  

We trekked in the back yard around our 'trail' to see deer tracks and watch a few squirrels scrounge around for some food.  Our neighbor Caroline made the trip to our house to deliver brownies AND play with the kids for a few minutes.  I made her come inside before she headed back home to warm up and get some hot chocolate.  

We quickly moved the adventure to the swing set we bought from a friend for a STEAL of a price.  It has been so much fun for the kids and I've really enjoyed it.  I know they have.  The slide was a lot more fun in the snow!

Hayes didn't get the 'look at the camera' memo.
It was a fantastic day.  I am so grateful to God that all of my family was home, safe, and warm.  I was blessed to know that.  There were a lot of my friends who were out and about to rescue folks and more friends who were stuck in cars, hotels, and shelters very far from home.  There was even a baby delivered on the side of 285!  It took some people an entire day to get home and there are still cars stranded all over the place.  Today we are hoping to journey out and retrieve our vehicles, or at least ONE of them!  

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