Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spencer Brynne Cochran, baby #3.

I'm well aware that most people are not impressed with my photo skills here.  Keep in mind that we had these pictures made between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and well, it has been busy.  I was thrilled to be able to SCAN the things into the copier for photos to load to my blog.  I just knew I would find time for it, but alas... she has finally made the blog!

She's not a peanut anymore.  She's a big girl.  She measures at least one week ahead of schedule in every ultrasound.  No surprise for us there, Hayes and Libby both measured way ahead of schedule and were both pretty big babies.  Hayes was 3 weeks early at 7.12 and Libby was right on time (via c-section) at 8.14.  I am not blessed with tiny babies, but I'm also blessed with c-sections.  I wasn't tiny and neither was Daryk, so I anticipate Spencer will be just like the rest of us.

She moves all the time.  She is very active and on a routine with a pretty strict schedule of sleep and play time in momma's belly.  She is very active if I'm sitting still, and most movement is around the tens.  10 a.m. and 10 p.m. and she's just bouncing.  I think that this stage of pregnancy is my favorite!  The movement of the little person I can't wait to meet inside my belly is just crazy.  I so enjoy it.  I know this is what I will miss the most.

I feel like people are quick to dismiss the 2nd and 3rd pregnancies so easily.... I feel like I'm embracing this one and holding on for all that I can, knowing this is our last one, well.... last one on purpose.  God does have a sense of humor, so one never knows.  I will not intentionally deceive my husband to have another baby, no matter what you people suggest.  Though I do think that would be comical, I know it is not feasible.  Plus, I like being married!  I have tried to soak up every single detail about this pregnancy.  I don't dismiss the kicks, rolls, cravings, and I do not dismiss the sibling love.

My favorite part of this pregnancy has been sharing it with Hayes and Libby.  Libby is convinced that my belly button, that is almost poking out, is 'the baby.'  She talks to it and pokes at it when she can.  Hayes will have an entire conversation with my belly as though Spencer can talk back.  He holds his tiny hand on my belly the whole time he is talking.  They both don't understand that they can't jump on me or use my belly as leverage to move themselves, and do that often.  It is painful and challenging, but livable.  They have gone with me to find out her gender, see her at the 20 week ultrasound, and again last week to hear her heartbeat in my belly at the doctor's office.  They are precious and I cannot wait to see how helpful they are once she arrives!

This week we are officially 25 weeks pregnant and according to my baby app, we have 104 days to go.  We have 5 weeks left to decide her 'birthday-eviction date' with the doctor's schedule.  I'm genuinely hoping that my doctor will be working on April 10th, because I have a thing with tens.  Hayes was born in 2010, Libby was born on August 10th, and I'd like to have Spencer Brynne on April 10th.  I didn't even realize that would be a possibility until I looked at the calendar closer to her due date.  I'd love to keep my tens!  If not, then I'll just have her when my doctor is working or when/if she decides to come early.

I have officially started nesting, and planning, and moving, and cleaning, and reorganizing things, and mentally making a list of things we need... yikes.

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