Friday, January 10, 2014

Sassy Pants

I wish I had as much sass as she does.  I just don't think it is even possible.  She woke up on Christmas Eve and picked out her own attire.  Cute pants, a cuter shirt, a denim jacket, that was lined for warmth. I was getting ready in my own closet, she demanded that I give her a 'garf' to match her outfit.  She topped it all off with her pink cowboy boots, matching bow, and pink sunglasses.
We were out in public for about 3 hours and went to a total of 3 places.  She got more compliments at the Honey Baked Ham store than I would manage in a week.  She isn't phased by strangers and made friends while we waited in line to get our Christmas ham.  Elizabeth managed to charm the staff at HBH out of a few samples of food and a cookie.  She also charmed the lady in line in front of us into a very sweet conversation and some candy.
And then there was this.  I mean, I think she knows she's a ham.  She pretty much has everyone wrapped around her chubby little fingers.  Even strangers cannot resist her charm.

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