Thursday, January 23, 2014

Typical Libby

At this house we try to offer the little ones dessert every now and again.  If there is ice cream in the house, they are eating it.  We don't buy it terribly often for that very reason.  That, and I like to eat it with Butterfingers or Oreos.  Trying not to eat ice cream while pregnant has proven to be VERY difficult for me this go round.  

This girl right here doesn't miss a drop.  She's not going to let one sprinkle hit the floor.  She will not miss one bit, one drop, one tiny little bitty piece... She plans to get them all somehow.  She does this with every single bowl we fix her.  

After dinner and dessert she props herself up on the couch using a dinner napkin as her blanket.  It was her 'covers' for the relaxing 'digestion nap' she needed.  

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  1. I'm normally not a sweets person, but I got a HUGE sweet tooth during my pregnancy and ate ice cream probably 5 out of the 7 nights of the week. Sometimes for dinner....out of the carton.....Less dishes! :)