Friday, January 17, 2014

Cousin Playdate

Last week I got to play with my littles and Kendall.  She came to our house while her Daddy was coaching wrestling with our Daddy.  I go to experience the '3 baby' deal with her for a few hours.  She was the most well behaved of the 3 while they played together.  My two, on the other hand, were making me crazy.  I try to make sure that I spend time with them as soon as I get home, so they will be able to play independently without needing to crawl in my butt.

On this particular day I was NOT successful with the 'play independently part' of the plan.  They pretty much acted like they wanted to play in the middle of the kitchen floor while I tried to cook dinner.  Cooking dinner while trying to hurdle two preschoolers is like cleaning the house while they are playing.  Either way, we had  great visit with Kendall and everyone eventually ate dinner.  

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