Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pizza Painting

I'm typically a 'one thing at a time' kinda mom.  Last weekend the kids were really into their artwork right about the time I was ready to serve the dinner that Papa Johns just delivered. I mean, isn't pizza better when its hot!?  My children do not share that same thought and would prefer that everything be lukewarm or cold.  Ewwww.  I felt bad interrupting their painting session for pizza, so I just let them eat while being little artists.
Hayes was a little more concerned with keeping his artwork and pizza separated so that his pizza didn't mess up his artwork.  Elizabeth could not get enough pizza while painting and could not have cared any less about the two messing each other up.  She dives right into both with little regard to what might happen.  

I love it when I get her hair up in this little bun thingy.  It is so cute and makes her look so grown up!  She typically spends most of her meal time wiping her face with a napkin and pushing her hair out of her eyes.  I try to keep it off her face, but sometimes that fight isn't worth the fight.  I remember on this particular night I traded the painting for the hair fixing. It was one for the other and I got the better end of the deal!  

Notice, he's completely moved the paper AWAY from his pizza, as in... you cannot see it... while he's eating.  After he was finished with that bite and put the pizza back down, wiped his hands, and mouth... he would pick up the artwork from the chair located on the left.  Smart kid.  Sometimes too smart... for his own good.

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