Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Party Animals

Occasionally, the kiddos have parties at their school.  The ELC has done a wonderful job this year of trimming back the excessive parties for the kids!  They have celebrated minimally this year (with only major holidays) and I'm quite thankful for it!  I wasn't able to make the Christmas party with Hayes' class, so I sent BeBe in my place.  She sent me the following pictures.  
I know you would never be able to tell this from the photos, but Hayes has party anxiety.  He hates having a crowd of grown ups around him or in his space.  At school they have 12-14 kids per class and 1-2 adults per kid at the parties.  For poor Hayes that's a lot of grown folks in a room where there are normally just 2 grown ups and his friends in class.  

Hayes is also the world's pickiest eater.  EVER.  His class ordered a Chick fil A nugget tray for the party and I forgot to tell mom so she could bring him yellow sauce, that's what he calls Chick fil A sauce.  It is his most favorite thing ever.  But he shocked us ALL at his party and ate his nuggets with Polynesian sauce!  I was delirious with laughter because I knew it was a huge deal for my Sheldon Hayes.
We might need to work on the silly faces with BeBe and Hayes.  They both look hilarious here.  Hayes typically prefers to make silly faces.  He would rather skip the serious photos and have fun!  I know he had a blast at this party and I got a SUPER cute calendar for 2014 that he made in class as my Christmas gift.  I love it!  

I'm so thankful that my mom (who my kids call BeBe) is part of the village raising my littles and helping me with parties and other miscellaneous parenting duties.  She is truly a blessing for my family and my siblings!  

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