Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sometimes Sheldon, sometimes Percy

I get the AJC only to clip the coupons.  Hayes recently discovered that the Sunday paper has cartoons in it!  He spent a good hour reading through them last week.  He sat and flipped through them all.  He pointed out the cartoons that he knew and laughed when he thought it was appropriate.  

He tried to share with Elizabeth, but she had little interest in his new found love.  He read them over and over again.  I tried several times that afternoon to trash them in the recycle container, but he refused to let me until he was 'done' with them.  

He was totally engrossed in the colors, the pictures, the layout of the comics, and the different people.  I answered 90,000 questions in about 3 hours because of his comic discovery.  He was thrilled with them!  I cannot WAIT for Percy to see this blog because I know he will get a kick out of it.  

Just look at that face?  Can't you see how excited he was to share his new love?  I do believe he's a little bit like Percy because he has such a love for the comics.  He could possibly be a little bit like his Daddy too, since he's all into the graphic artsy side of it.  

And clearly I'm being schooled about the comics.  I dread the day he realizes that the comics come in every paper that lands at our house.  I may never be able to get rid of them!  I have the Sunday comics saved and plan to save them so he can read them whenever he wants to!  

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