Thursday, January 16, 2014


Sooooooooooooooo, these girls happen to be our favorites.  They rescue me when I'm having a bad day.  They pick up my kids when I can't or don't want to.  They come over and help me fix dinner or fold laundry or play with the kids so I can take a nap.  Jordan and Hope are two girls that I'm going to call my friends for a long time.  I see them at family parties and vacations and eventually at the weddings of my 3 little people.  They will be welcome at my house anytime and I'll always love them as my own.  

Jordan (on the right) happens to be one of the first baby sitters that Hayes ever had.  She came to my rescue several times in that first year and she's always the first one we call when she's home.  She left us to go to college (lame) and we miss her terribly.  I am proud of her and what she's doing with her life, but I'm also selfish enough to say that I MISS her and want her home all the time.  

Hope (on the left) is still technically our student at school.  She is a cheerleader and wrestling manager and she keeps me in line.  She's my lunch buddy and a one of a kind girl who could never be replaced.  Her honesty and level headed thinking is just something you don't find in a child, who's almost a grown up.  Sorta.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and I cannot wait to see what happens with her once she leaves us in the fall.  

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