Friday, January 3, 2014

Thomas Hayes, the 4 year old edition.

3 years... almost 4.
So.  My baby boy turns 4 today.  FOUR y'all.  Do you know what happens after he turns 4?  He grows up and leaves me one day, that's what happens.  I have no idea how in the world he got to 4 years of age.  I swear just yesterday he was asking for cha-choos (crackers) and falling asleep while eating his lunch.  He doesn't do either of those things anymore.  He does ask for a snack because he says he's 'starving' and I just have to giggle.
2 years... almost 3.
He is a great big brother, unless he's trying to antagonize Elizabeth.  I do believe he will be a huge help for me when Spencer Brynne arrives.  He likes to 'help' me by doing favors and such, so I anticipate that will be helpful in April.  I hope.  He loves to give hugs and tell us that he loves us.  He's turned into quite the affectionate little guy.  
1 almost 2 years old...
He has been in school at the ELC (which we love, love, love) for the last 3 years.  Even wrapping my head around that is scary crazy!  He loves it SO much.  We are so grateful for that loving place to teach him things he needs to know and about Jesus too!  He loves his friends in class and he really likes going to school in general.  He has learned SO much this school year.  I remember the day I realized he was capable of writing his own name and I cried.  I'm such a weepy sap.  His 'special day' is coming up soon and we are excited to celebrate with his ELC friends.
almost 1 year old...

Some of his favorite things include, but are not limited to the following list...
  • dinosaurs
  • playdoh (and yes we mix all the colors)
  • Mickey Mouse
  • the television with animated shows/movies only
  • picking his own clothing
  • eating food 
  • puzzles
  • reading books
  • talking about going to Disney World
  • asking when we can go back to Disney World
  • driving us crazy by tattling on his sister
  • annoying his sister so he can tattle on her
  • correcting anyone who says things incorrectly
  • talking about his birthday
  • talking about how Christmas was baby Jesus' birthday
  • talking to anyone, in general, about anything
  • running around on his tiptoes (which he's done his entire mobile life)
He's the joy of my heart and the sweetest boy I know.  I love being able to celebrate 4 years of his life today, even if it does mean that one day he's going to grow up and leave me.  It is hard for me believe that 4 years ago I was this mom who had just had a baby.  Now I have a big boy who won't let me call him my baby anymore.  
Is there anyway I can freeze time?  Just slow it down?  Push pause?  Anything?  This baby made me a mommy 4 years ago and I'd like things to stop moving so quickly...


  1. should also list the things he hates at 4 years old...I can help if you need me to.

    1. I'll save that list for another day! I also need to write a post about Elizabeth soon!