Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Party Anxiety

The majority of Hayes' birthday parties have been spent with him running away from the actual party.  Well, at least 2 out of the 4 he has had....  He's not a fan of crowds or people singing to him.  He woke up from his nap this year and promptly began telling me he wasn't interested in going downstairs to see anyone.  He could already hear the visitors downstairs and was beginning to get cold sweats.  Hayes knows all of these people.  He loves them and they love him.  

Most of them are his grandparents AND aunt/uncles.  Granted, our 'immediate' family is about 40 people.  I mean, I have 4 parents and 6 siblings.  Daryk has 2 parents and 2 siblings.  Factor in spouses, girlfriends/boyfriends, and cousins and we are slowly approaching 40 folks.  Hayes doesn't need to invite his friends, we don't have enough room!  Plus, parties and the food needed for said parties are already expensive!  

Hayes was thrilled with his gift presentation this year.  He was most pleased with the dinosaurs AND tattoos that came from The Dollar Tree.  Big money people.  Big money.  I was most thrilled with the additional Mickey Mouse dollars we got!  Thanks family for supporting my Disney addiction!  

Libby James was just excited that she got to stick her fingers in the icing to sample the goodness.  I dare say that she is my child.... I love doing the same thing.  My mother used to tell me I was her blonde haired rat because I so enjoyed the sugar rush from stealing icing.  I splurged this year and got a cake from Publix.  Woot woot!  Bakery cake for the win.  I don't feel guilty, everyone loves it, and I don't have to stress about the perfect cake being made.  I also bought Blue Bell birthday cake ice cream cups and those were a HUGE hit as well.  I will never buy ice cream for a birthday party in a carton again.  Cups of ice cream and cake that someone else made... FOREVER!  

No pictures Mom.  I don't want to remember that I hate parties.  I also want no documentation of this event where people gathered to celebrate my birth and bring me presents.

Look y'all!  Dinosaurs that are plastic and potentially fatal if you step on them without shoes on.  This kid loves dinosaurs.  He loves them so much that he often compares his giant poops to the size of a stegosaurus.  And no, I'm not kidding.    He had them all lined up for a FaceTime call with Buddy.  

I swear, this is the one time a year I can manage to get a decent family photo with my children and husband.  I need to make that a priority at every function.  Rarely am I in front of the camera!  And I need to wear lipstick.  

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