Thursday, January 9, 2014

Faces of Libby

Elizabeth grabs any and all available electronic devices within reach.  Her immediate request is, 'I wanna take a pich-uh.'  If that proves unsuccessful, she gravitates toward any game she might remotely understand.  Last night she grabbed my dad/her PawPaw's phone and opened up Candy Crush (Candy Cane, as she calls it) and began playing all within 25 seconds of her grubby little hands on the actual phone.  A couple of times over Christmas break she managed to grab my phone and take some pictures.

I had to share the outfit.  Her OOTD consisted of an awesome headband/ear warmer that a friend made for ME to wear.  Clearly, I've gotten little use out of it.  She was sporting her fancy hand-me-down Christmas pajama top and princess panties.  She also said kkkkeeeeeeeeeessssssseeeeeeeeeee.
And then there is this one.  'Momma, I wanna take a pich-uh with you please.'  It is so difficult to tell her no when she says please.  It is really sweet and if you say no she turns into this wretched beast of a two year old and her head spins around while she screams.  It really is remarkable.

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